Marble Hole Saw 40MM
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Marble Hole Saw

We adopt high precision and industrial electroplated, manufactured for glass, advanced ceramics, marbles, etc. This provides longer drilling life, faster and free machine action, and more consistent performance.
  • Size: φ3.0mm - φ160mm
  • Total Length: Size 3MM-16MM is 55MM
  • Total Length: Size 18MM-160MM is 65MM
  • Working Length: 35MM

Main Features

  • High hardness emery through solidification treatment extends service life. The marble hole saw head with slotting increases cutting speed.
  • Marble hole saw (Above 18mm) adopts triangular shank, it’s anti-skid and easy for installation.
  • Application

    Use for drilling holes on Marble, Granite, tile, Vitrified brick and Ceramic
  • Operations

    Please add water for coolant and drill slowly to avoid diamond carbide, affect the service .This bit can be used with a standard electric drill.


  • 1.Used on drill press. Water should always be used to cool and lubricate the drill, otherwise will short drilling life.
  • 2.Make sure the material in the right place as you start drilling. Apply the right amount of pressure during drilling, gradually feeding the drill into the material.
  • 3.Keep the insert core clear.
  • 4.For the size and depth, please choose the drills as you need
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