Diamond Glass Hole Saw 6MM 8MM 10MM 12MM
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Glass Hole Saw

We adopt high precision and industrial electroplated, manufactured for glass,advanced ceramics,marbles, etc.This provides longer drilling life,faster and free machine action,and more consistent performance.
  • Size: φ3.0mm - φ200mm
  • Total Length: Size 3MM-18MM is 52MM
  • Total Length: Size 19MM-200MM is 55MM
  • Working Length: 30MM

Main Features

  • Adopt high class Diamond as material
  • Wearable, chip-free cutting & drilling
  • Long lifespan and stable performance
  • Various specifications are available upon clients request
  • Application

    Use for drilling holes on Marble, Granite, tile, Vitrified brick and Ceramic
  • Operations

    Please add water for coolant and drill slowly to avoid diamond carbide, affect the service .This bit can be used with a standard electric drill.


  • 1.Used on drill press. Water should always be used to cool and lubricate the drill, otherwise will short drilling life.
  • 2.Make sure the material in the right place as you start drilling. Apply the right amount of pressure during drilling, gradually feeding the drill into the material.
  • 3.Keep the insert core clear.
  • 4.For the size and depth, please choose the drills as you need
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